Q1: What is the closing date for entries? 
Monday 1st August @ midnight.  
Q2: I want to take part but don't have a boat; can I hire one? 
Historically it has been possible to hire boats from Clubs that are not using them, however we have only been able to secure a very small number of boats for this year's event.It is important that you DO NOT enter until you have secured a boat. 
Q3: We want to enter but we're concerned about conditions at the Start. 
No need to be; the river in the marshalling area on the inside of the Isle of Dogs bend is calm and very slow moving even at the height of the flood, so should not present any problems. Once under way, the going does get rougher but fresh crews should find it manageable. 
Q4: I can't see how to enter women's, mixed, juniors' or veteran's classes; what do I do? 
All classes relating to gender and age will be entered automatically when you have fully completed your crew list i.e. gender and valid date of birth information. 
Q5: We should qualify for an age related class but the Review Classes screen suggests we don't? 
You must enter the Date of Birth in DD/MM/YYYY format of all rowers/paddlers if you want to be considered for age related classes. 
Q6: I want to enter now, but don't know my final crew complement; what should I do? 
Register, enter and pay for the total number in your boat; you then have until August 15th to complete your crew list to ensure your details are upto date. 
Q7: I've entered and paid but need to make some changes; what do I do? 
The system closes for new entries on Wednesday, August 15th at midnight. After this date we will endeavour to reflect your changes if you email the details to us.  
Q8: Do I get a receipt, order confirmation or invoice when I pay via PayPal? 
You will receive a summary email from PayPal to confirm your credit/debit card has been debited for the total amount of the purchase, and a separate email invoice from us which will l detail what you have bought from us.  
Q9: Is paying using the PayPal service safe? 
Millions of businesses, big and small, all over the world accept PayPal, and many millions more people have accounts. However, you don't have to have an account to pay with your debit / credit card - i.e. you can pay as a guest. For more information on PayPal and payment security, please click here
Q10: Does the Race keep my credit/debit card details as a result of an online purchase? 
No, when you are ready to pay, the Great River Race passes control of the transaction over to PayPal who complete the payment process on their own secure servers. The Race is only informed if the transaction has been successful or not, we are not passed any credit/debit information back from PayPal - i.e. no personal information is passed to the GRR other than confirmation of your payment. 
Q11: How can I check the classes I've entered? 
Keep a copy of your entry form. 
Q12: What is the policy on refunds? 
ENTRIES, CRANE AND TOWS: we will refund your fees in full less a 10% administration charge; 
BUS, CAMPING, PASSENGER BOAT TICKETS: full refund less 10% administration charge; 
BOAT PACKAGES: only the entry fee element less a 10% administration charge will be refunded unless we can resell the Package. 
ENTRIES, CRANE AND TOWS: we will refund your fees in full less a 20% administration charge; 
BUS, CAMPING, PASSENGER BOAT TICKETS: full refund less 20% administration charge; 
BOAT PACKAGES: only the entry fee element less a 20% administration charge will be refunded. 
Q13: I'm trying to enter but am experiencing problems; what do I do? 
Just send us an email and we will try and help you. 
Q14: We have disabled members on board but I can't see how to enter the disabled class? 
Best thing to do is to email us the details. 
Q15: I would like to follow the Race from the Start, all the way to the Finish, is this possible? 
A: Yes, you will be able buy tickets for the Passenger Boat which we run to follow the Race. 
Q16: From where does the passenger boat leave? 
The final details will be suppied when you book.Departure time is not at all flexible YOU MUST BE ON BOARD IN GOOD TIME, the boat cannot wait  
Only seeing/hearing dogs are permitted on board – Please advise the GRR if you will be bringing a dog on board  
A4: Please note you are not permitted to bring your own food or drinks on board. Food and beverages will be available to purchase for the duration of your trip. 
Q17: Does racing upriver mean rowing/paddling against the tide? 
No, all crews will have the assistance of the prevailing flood tide on their way to the Finish. 
Q18: Our crew is staying at the Finish and would like to launch the boat on Friday evening and request a tow down to the Start. How do we go about this? 
You can request a tow down to the Start when you receive your confirmation. The boats will be towed very early Saturday morning in order for them to be at the Start when you arrive. The cost is £99.00 per boat; when you have made your towage request we will contact you by email with full details. 
Q19: We are staying at the Finish on Friday night, how do we get to the Start on Saturday morning? 
We hope to organsie a bus service that will leave from the Lensbury Hotel, Teddington, the Travelodge, Teddington and another from the campsite. Full details of timimg and prices will be made avaialable when crew numbers are sent out. 
Q20: We are staying in London as opposed to Richmond; what are our options for returning back to town after prize giving? 
To find your return journey options to London go to www.tfl.gov.uk for further details. 
Q21: We are staying at the Finish but we would like to take our boat to the Start ourselves; what is the best way to go about this? 
The easiest way to go about this would be to take your boat to the Start on Friday evening and leave it in Carpark on Westferry Road - ready for launching on Saturday morning - overnight security and boat trolleys will be provided. This way you can take the trailer back to Ham ready for easy recovery on either Saturday evening or Sunday morning and you can enjoy the Friday night BBQ. An alternative would be to take your boat down to the Start on Saturday morning but as parking will be severely restricted and no security in place when the Race has started, we recommend you take your trailer away immediately after launching. 
Q22: I am a competitor and will have friends and family joining me at the Finish. Can they stay for the post-race party and how much does it cost? 
Your friends and family are welcome to join you. There is no charge for the party but you will need cash for the bar and food concessions. Plese note you are NOT permitted to bring drinks on site. 
Q23: What are the dates of future Great River Races? 
We are already looking at the tides, watch this space 
Q24: What can I do if I'm unhappy with something? 
We do our very best to deal with any problems promptly, but if you feel you need to, you can use the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform for resolving disputes. You can access the ODR here

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