To enter the Great River Race 2022 you need to fill in the entry form. You will also need a crew list and, if the boat has not entered the race since 2009, a measurement form.  
ENTRY FEE IS £75/Head for all categories except Juniors  
ENTRY FEE IS £54 for Juniors, who must qualify under our rules for Junior Entry 


Contact Details: This has the contact details for the person who is submitting the entry and who will be the Race-Organisers will use as the sole contact in respect of this entry. All contact for the entry will be by email so it is important that you fill in an email address. We are asking for both mobile and land-line numbers where you have these but at least one valid telephone number must be submitted. Where the boat is being entered by a club or organisation you must fill in the name of this but all correspondence will be with the named contact only. 
Boat Details: These details comprise the name of the boat, its type, the number of rowers/paddlers, the number of oars/paddles, the classes you wish the boat to be entered in and whether the boat has taken part in the Great River Race since 2009. 
Type of Boat: Many of the boats will be of a type that has already been entered in the race in previous years. A list of the main types of boat in previous races can be found below. If your boat is one of these types, please use that type name as written in this list. If your type of boat is not on the list, please give it a type-name you consider appropriate. 
Burlsden Gig 
Celtic Longboat 
Cornish Pilot Gig 
Cornish Pilot Gig GRP 
Drascombe Gig 
East Coast Skiff 
GRR Jolly Boat 
Hartford 18 
Gravesend Clayton Skiff  
Felixtowe Clayton Skiff 
Hanningfield Hybrid Gig 
Harker’s Yard Gig 
Home Counties Gig Pangbourne Big Gig 
Pembrokeshire Longboat 
River Teign Seine Boat 
River Teign Rowboat 20’ 
Salter Skiff 
Solent Galley 
St Ayles Skiff 
Thames Racing Skiff 
Thames Rosalind Skitt 
Thames Triple Skiff 
Thames Waterman Cutter 
Hawaiian Outrigger 
Classes to be entered: There are many classes in the race for which there are trophies awarded. The list of these classes can be downloaded from the website. Please use the code letter/numbers in this list on the entry form and not the name of the class. You do not need to enter the Overall, Endeavour and Charity classes as all boats taking part will be entered in these automatically. 
Once the entry form has been submitted and confirmed to be complete, the Great River Race 2022 will send the entrant a PayPal invoice for the entry fee which can be paid by means of a PayPal account or any valid credit or debit card. The entry will not be valid until the fee has been received. 


We need to know the names of all the people in the crew of the boat. Each boat must carry a cox and a passenger and failure to provide details of either of these will invalidate the entry. In the age-related classes, you will need to provide the dates of birth for all the rowers/paddlers. In the case of the junior classes, you will need to provide the date of birth for the responsible adult in the boat who may be either the cox or the passenger. Other than for age-related classes, the date of birth boxes may be left blank. In the age-related classes neither the cox or passenger may take part in the rowing or paddling of the boat. In the case of women only classes, only the women may row and, in the case of mixed classes, at least half of the rowers/paddlers must be women at all times. In all other classes, the rowers/paddlers may change places with the coxes and passengers at all times. 
This form needs the entry number. As this will not be given until the payment for the entry has been received by the organisers, you will need to wait until you have confirmation of your entry before you can submit the Crew List. 
There are boxes for 20 crew members. If you have more than 20 crew-members, please submit a second crew list for the remaining members. 
Note: The crew lists should be submitted by the 15th of August. If they are not received until after then, it may not be possible to provide the crew members with race-certificates. In the case of age-related and women’s and mixed crews, the entries will not be accepted for those classes will not be valid until the completed crew lists have been received although the crews will of course still be able to take part in the race and compete for other classes relevant to them. 


If the boat has not taken part in the Great River Race since 2009, you will need to submit a completed Measurement Form. In some cases, where it is found that although a boat has taken part in a previous race after 2009 but no measurement form was submitted then, it may be necessary for one to be submitted prior to this race. In this case the entrant will be informed as soon as possible. This will be emailed to you upon request. 


The Great River Race 2022 offers the facility of having the boat lifted out by crane at the end of the race at Richmond. Unfortunately, there is limited space at the finish so there is always great pressure on this service. We would ask you therefore only to book this if it would be difficult for you to take your boat out of the water in any other way. If you do need to use this service, details wll be sent out when your entry is confirmed. 


Once completed, all forms should be emailed to the following address –


Related services, include the campsite at the finish for the nights before and after the race, bus journeys to the start from the campsite & recommended hotels, towage of boats to the start from Richmond and mooring for boats at the South Dock Marina in Rotherhithe. Details of these services and links to the contacts are on the Great River Race website, most will be fully detaild by Tuesday 25th June. For full details click on the links at the bottom of the entries page.  
As the race is now being organised exclusively by volunteers, for some of these services (e.g. Camping and BBQ) we ask you to deal direct with the relevant contractor/supplier, contact details for this are clearly presented on the relevant pages. 

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